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The Devenish Group is a community of dedicated, experienced, ethical, professional, credentialed individuals, who care about the future of art.
Nakashima & Wharton Esherick When: March 24, 2017
Williamsburg, VA Trip When: April 19-21, 2017
Winter Antique Show When: Jan 23, 2017
Wallpaper Salon When: Nov 11, 2016
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Through joining DG ,members not only connect with their individual peer group, but also have the additional benefit of connecting with established leading experts and authorities in diverse branches of the arts encompassing many disciplines including but not limited to: Fine art, Decorative Arts, Film, Photography, Music, Dance, Appraising, Design, Conservation, and all art related professions.
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DG Visit Friday March 24, 2017

Wharton Harris Esherick is the acknowledged founder of the early 20th century Studio Furniture Movement, and Esherick, Sam Maloof (of California) and George Nakashima are referred to as the movement's first generation.  All three possessed a reverence for beautiful woods and for accentuating visible construction techniques.  They pioneered their crafts in their individual studios and procured their own clients, as well.  
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Education is very important to DG! Through participation in salons, tours, travel and networking events, members have total emersion into the arts, enlightening conversations with experts and mentors, acquiring knowledge and information at a professional level, in a fun and engaging way. DG provides enhancing opportunities to energize and inspire all members!
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We Are Passionate About The Arts!

We Are Passionate About The Arts!

The Devenish Group is an International Arts and Design community. Members of the Devenish Group are diverse in age, nationality, profession and experience. Many have their own businesses or are connected with prominent design or appraisal firms, galleries and museums. Learn More About Us
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Louise Devenish Founding Director
Founding Director of Devenish Group, Louise Devenish is a venerated Professor of Fine and Decorative Arts at New York University in the Certificate Appraisal Studies program. Louise is also a Professor of Antique Connoisseurship & Decorative Arts at Parson’s The New School of Design. She also holds the title of Certified Appraiser specializing in Decorative Arts and Furniture, and is a highly regarded Decorative Arts Consultant specializing in global furniture.